AquarioGest Software presentation

  • Marine Aquarium Atlas
    Discover Fish, Corals, Invertebrates and Algae Atlas illustrated with more than 400 professional photos.

  • Reef Aquarium maintenance
    Complete aquarium management: watervalues, tasks scheduler and electrical equipments.

  • Fish management
    Purchase, birth, decease, sale, breedings and cares for each fish of your aquarium.

  • Livestock management
    Follow all aquarium inhabitants (corals, invertebrates and algae).

  • Water tests tracking
    Track your water tests and log your additives: significant indicators, graphs and alerts.

  • Marine aquarium budget
    Control all your expenses and follow the electric consumption of your equipment.

  • Aquarium Maintenance tasks
    Schedule your maintenance tasks to never forget them.

  • Aquarium journal
    Keep detailed notes on everything you do with your tank.

  • Assistants / Wizards
    Find easily new fish, coral or invertebrate - Aquarium volume calculator - Backup tool - Tools of aquarium calculations & conversions - Units settings...