AquarioGest software features

Fish, Corals, Invertebrates and Algae Atlas

  • Fish, Corals, Invertebrates and Algae Atlas illustrated with professional pictures
  • A database referencing 206 fish, 69 corals and 87 invertebrates with features
  • Dynamic database with an embedded Atlas Update Wizard
  • You can easily add, edit or delete all data in the Atlas
  • Complete management of your main aquarium and your others tanks like refugium and sump
  • Manage all your electrical equipments (filters, lights, pumps, heaters, protein skimmers and others)
  • Schedule the maintenance tasks of all your aquariums and equipments
  • Aquarium volume calculator
  • You can also add pictures of your aquariums
  • Full content of each fish (purchase, birth, decease, sale)
  • Indicator of overcrowding of your fish
  • Assistant to add a new fish in your aquarium
  • Breedings
  • Cares
  • You can also add pictures of your fish
Corals, Invertebrates and Algae
  • Livestock log for all aquarium inhabitants
  • Assistant to add a new inhabitant in your aquarium
  • You can also add pictures of your inhabitant
Water tests tracking
  • Keep track of water chemistry (temperature, pH, KH, specific gravity, calcium, magnesium)
  • 10 additional and customizable parameters
  • Graphical views of water values changes
  • Warnings when fish, corals, invertebrates are in difficulty in your tank
  • Optimal water values calculation for your tank
  • Enter your expenses and incomes
  • Complete balance-sheet of your budget
  • Electrical consumption of your different equipments
  • View of your expenses by category
  • Manage your items
Tasks planning
  • Set up reminders to do scheduled maintenance (maintenance tasks to do, equipment replacement, water tests...)
  • AquarioGest Alarm alerts you about the tasks to do (display in the Windows systray)
Aquarium journal
  • Dynamic log book to keep free notes
  • Record all your events and information about your tanks
  • Selection of several types of events to display
  • Assistants to select new fish, corals and invertebrates with several choices
  • Aquarium tools : salinity-specific gravity relation, make your marine water, rH score, units conversion
  • A backup tool to save and restore your data
  • Assistant of useful reports
  • Quick access of your data for each selected tank
  • Post-it notepad with software startup notify
  • 70 reports to print or to export in txt, html or pdf
  • Multiple measuring units: hardness degree, temperature, volume and length
  • Settings for your currency and date