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"This is the only Software that I have found, after much research, that is capable of handling all aspects of the Aquarium hobby. I love the software and look forward to also adding the package for the freshwater fish next. I am very pleased with your product and my Kudos to the developers and their team. This is a five star product. Thank you."
Richard M.

"I've been using this software for years now and have loved it since day 0. It certainly uncomplicates a lot of things. The morale of the story is it makes life with a nice aquarium much easier and enjoyable."
Frederick C.

"The secret of a successful marine aquarium is to record and track the tank life. No doubt you have got bits of paper, perhaps a pad, or even spreadsheet on the go to keep track of tank costs, water stats, maintenance schedules and so on. Well why not consider bringing your tank documentation into the 21st century and invest in some software specifically designed to make this much easier, and provide a central place to store all your tank-related information."
Marine Habitat Magazine

"Before AquarioGest, I would keep track of Water Parameters for my 4 aquariums with clipboards, paper, and pen, and in a fishroom, things WILL get wet and they did. Now with AquarioGest I can log my Water Parameters and much more digitally and print it out if I wish. I've been looking at AquarioGest for a while and finally decided to get it, and it was worth it! Now, it's been amazing, I even use it to keep track of my Sea-Monkey tanks using the Inverts logging capabilities. Best Aquarium software EVER!"
Jacob P.

"It is a great tool for my reeftank , very handy!! Greetings"
Arjan W. from Netherlands

"The software is really wonderful, I'm truly happy with the investment."
Juan S. from USA

"Good place to start, for recording what's going on in your tank. It's good to make comparisons with readings from your tank and make changes as needed. Tracking expenses is a great tool to track your equipment and other consumables."
Michael W. from USA

"Ya'll are awesome... I really appreciate your product and support! "
Ernest M. from USA

"I can use the software with no problem and I absolutely love it! Thanks for your help, and thanks for the follow-up! It's nice to know that you guys have great customer support! I will recommend this software to anyone I know that has a fish tank."
Eric L. from USA

"Your software is fantastic for recording keeping."
Lisa D. from USA

"I like your software a lot. Very friendly, easy to use & thorough."
Gaby K. from Canada

"As a novice in marine aquariums this tool has been excellent in allowing me to select fish/critters/corals that will be compatible."
Davy G. from UK